Who is this for? 

If you are a senior or mid-level professional based in New York City, working fully or partly in the international development or global social impact sector, and genuinely want to share ideas and address challenges across this community, then this group is for you! As a SGI COP member, you are an experienced and active practitioner in this field. You are someone with a broader view of your role in the sector beyond your specific expertise and your work.

We're all about breaking through silos and learning from each other, so our members come from all types of organizations working toward global impact, including academia, consulting, corporate social responsibility, government, international organizations, NGOs and nonprofits, and social enterprises and more.

What do our ideal members do?

What do they care about?

This community is a curated group of professionals who currently work in this space (not those who are aspirational). Members are interested in joining and being active in an ongoing community, not just attending a one-off session on a thought-provoking topic.

The core theme across our members and speakers is that we focus - or want to increase our focus - on making a lasting impact in our international work. In other words, how do we employ traditional and emerging ways of looking at international development to have a more sustained impact?

Topics focus on how we work: organizational systems analysis, financial sustainability of local organizations, organizational development, how to move from awareness to engagement to implementation (The UN Sustainable Development Goals reflect this - lots of talk, but how will we move to measurable and sustainable action?), sound program design, moving from donor/recipient mindsets to partnership, etc. We also explore how we think: design thinking, radical listening, storytelling, and other methods that examine the relationship between how people see the world and how that affects the way we all work within it.

We are very purposeful about bringing the NYC landscape into the mix. There’s such a different character to development and impact here than say DC (all policy, all the time), but we think it can be channeled and cross-channeled more effectively. The UN, social entrepreneurs, academics, nonprofits, and private corporations have interactions, but largely operate in their own worlds.

And this is a true Community of Practice, which is not really about networking (though that is often a by-product), but more about peer-to-peer learning among members and likely paving the way for collaborative initiatives.

Does this sound like you?

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